Applying for the Singapore Visa

07 Sep 2023

Foreigners intending to visit Singapore and who need to apply for a Singapore Visa are advised to submit your visa application through Authorised Visa Agents (AVAs) appointed by the Embassy and Consulates-General in China. The Singapore Visa fee collected by the AVAs in China is standardised as RMB 300 (inclusive of visa processing fee and service charge).

Alternatively, visa applications can be submitted through a local sponsor (Singapore Citizen/ Permanent Resident above 21 years old) whom you personally know.

Do not submit your visa application through non-authorised agents or strangers, to prevent unnecessary monetary loss and misuse of your personal information.

For more information on applying for the Singapore Visa in China, please refer here. You may also contact the Embassy at +86-10-6532 9380 during office hours (Mon – Fri, 0830 to 1200hrs and 1300 to 1700hrs).


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