You are encouraged to submit your Singapore passport application online via ICA’s e-Service, using Singpass. You may then select to collect the passport at the Embassy.


Alternatively, you may submit the application in person at the Embassy. The Embassy will assist to forward your application to ICA.


Important Notice

Most countries require passports to have a remaining validity of at least 6 months for entry. You are advised to apply for a new passport early if your passport is expiring.


Processing Time & Fees


For passport applications submitted online:

  • Processing time of 3 - 4 weeks; Fee of SGD 70

    For passport applications submitted at the Embassy:

  • Processing time of 4 - 6 weeks; Fee of SGD 80 (in equivalent RMB)


Documents Required (for applications at the Embassy)


  • One passport-sized colour photograph, taken in the last 3 months, against a white background with a matt or semi-matt finish (refer to ICA’s website for more photo guidelines)
  • Applicant’s current passport, or a Loss of Passport Report (护照报失证明)


Passport Validity

From 1 Oct 2021, Singapore passports issued for citizens aged 16 and above are valid for 10 years.


For citizens below the age of 16, the passport validity is 5 years. For the 5-year passports, the remaining validity from the previous passport, up to a maximum of 9 months, may be carried over to the new passport.


Collection of Passport

If you have selected to collect your passport at the Embassy, the Embassy will notify you once your passport has arrived at the Embassy. Applicants must collect their passports at the Embassy in person.


You are required to bring along your current passport when collecting the new passport. Your current passport will be invalidated upon issuance of the new passport.


All new passports not collected within 3 months from the date of issuance will be returned to ICA. There will be no refund of the passport fee. 


If you are planning to travel with the new passport, you are advised to apply for and collect the new passport early as you will be required to report to the relevant Chinese authorities to transfer your Chinese visa to the new passport before you may travel out of China.


NS-liable Male Singaporeans

Male Singaporeans aged between 13 and 16 ½ years old must apply for an exit permit from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), if you intend to remain overseas for 3 months or more. You can apply for an exit permit online via MINDEF’s


For enquiries, please contact the NS Portal Customer Service Centre:

Tel: + (65) 65676767

Fax: + (65) 68537894



Contact Information


If you need advice or more information, please contact the Embassy at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Beijing

Tel: + (86) (10) 65321115 Ext 131 or 132



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