With effect from 25 October 2018, parents with Singapore Citizenship (SC) may submit the SC application for their children (including overseas-born minors) online via ICA's eServices at https://eservices.ica.gov.sg/esvclandingpage/esc with a SingPass account. 

For further details on eligibility, documents required, payment and processing time for SC applications, kindly refer to ICA’s website here.


Non-English Language Documents/Documents Issued in China


        1.    Documents not printed in the English Language must be officially translated into English

        2.    Bring the documents to a local Notary Public for legalisation. A Notarial Certificate is issued accordingly;

        3.    The documents are then to be presented to the Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) of the province or municipality for attestation;

        4.    After the attestation by FAO, the documents should then be presented to the Singapore Mission for endorsement. Please refer to the attached consular jurisdictions (683.90KB) of the Singapore Missions in China when sending the documents to the respective mission. For documents sent to the Singapore Embassy for notarisation, please submit them through the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Collection of Citizenship Certificate


The Embassy will inform you of the collection date when we receive the citizenship certificate from ICA. The applicant or spouse must come to the Embassy personally with the child to collect the citizenship certificate.

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