All Singapore Citizenship (SC) applications must be submitted online via ICA’s Apply for Singapore Citizenship e-Service. This includes SC applications for children born overseas to Singapore Citizens.


For further details on eligibility, documents required, fees and processing time, kindly refer to ICA’s website.


Non-English Documents/ Documents Issued in China


In order to process the SC application, ICA requires the supporting documents submitted to be in English. For documents which are not in English (e.g., child’s birth certificate issued in China), you are required to provide an English translated copy of the documents.


You may obtain a notarised translation of the documents at a local Notary Public (公证处).


Collection of Citizenship Certificate


The Citizenship Certificate of children born overseas to Singapore Citizens may be collected at the Embassy. The Embassy will inform you once we receive the certificate from ICA. The applying parent must collect the certificate personally at the Embassy. 

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