The Consulate-General processes requests for notarial services on documents intended for use in Singapore. We do not generally perform notarial functions on document which will be used in a country other than Singapore, unless it is a requirement by the local authorities. These services include witnessing of signature for Affidavit; Statutory Declaration and other types of documents (e.g. Power of Attorney, Singapore Authorities' Forms, etc.), certifying true copy of document, and legalisation of document.

You will be required to be present at the Consulate-General and bring along your identification along with the document that needs notarial service.

Please be informed that Indonesia is part of the Apostille Convention. For Indonesian documents to be used in Singapore,the document needs to be presented to the Directorate of Central Authority and International law under the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. For more information regarding apostille services in Indonesia, please visit

For more information on notarial and legalisation services in Singapore, please visit

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