Notarial Services


The Embassy provides notarial services for official documents to be used in Singapore. Please bring along your passport or identity card as a form of identification should you require such services.

Certain documents, such as Thai government documents which are translated into English, must be legalised by the Legalisation Division of the Department of Consular Affairs, Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs before they can be notarised by the Embassy.  Should you be uncertain about the need for your documents to be legalised by the Department of Consular Affairs (prior to coming to the Embassy) and/or have other queries on the notarisation process, please contact the Embassy for more information.


The processing time for notarisation of documents is half a working day.  Documents submitted in the morning can be collected in the afternoon on the same day, while documents submitted in the afternoon can be collected in the morning of the following working day.


Members of the public are strongly encouraged to call and schedule an appointment before coming to the Embassy for notarial services. This will help to reduce your waiting time at the Embassy.


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