The Consular Section of the Consulate-General provides assistance to Singaporeans who lost or had their passports stolen while visiting China. You may refer to the following steps in the event of a loss of passport.


Step 1:

Report the loss to a neighbourhood police post for a Police Report and the local Entry-Exit Administration Bureau (EEAB) for a Confirmation of Loss Report


Entry-Exit Administration Bureau's contact information can be found below.


Xiamen – No.64-1, Zhenghai Road (Tel: 12367)

Fuzhou – Taijiang Qu Gaoqiao Lu No. 69 (Tel: 0591-87821104)

Nanchang – Fenghuang Zhong Lu Dadao No. 1866 (Tel: 0791-88892382/ 0791-88892388)


Step 2

Call the Consulate-General to report the loss (Tel: +86-592-2684691)
For after office hours, please call the Consular Duty Officer at +86-138-0607-1221


Step 3

Report to the Consulate-General with the two reports and documentary evidence of your citizenship (the document should preferably have your photo on it, eg. NRIC or driving license), if available.


*Note: If you found the passport which was reported lost, you must inform the Consulate-General immediately*



Follow up action


A Document of Identity (DOI) may be issued to you upon confirmation of your citizenship from the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).


You will then be required to report to the local EEAB to obtain an Exit Permit before you will be allowed to leave China. Note that you may be required to prove that you have registered with a hotel or a local police station when you first arrived in China. It will take about 5 working days to obtain the Exit Permit from EEAB for foreigners who have lost their passports in China.


Upon your return to Singapore, you will need to surrender the DOI and apply for a new passport at ICA.




S$15 (or RMB70) - For DOI application


Please call the Consulate-General for an appointment to avoid long waiting time. (Hotline: 0592-268-4691)

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