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29 May 2019

Overseas Travel

Overseas Travel - Be Safe and Be Informed


07 Mar 2019

Reception for Singaporeans on 21 March 2019

Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri invites Singaporeans to a reception to meet Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing


25 Feb 2019

Inspection of Registers of Electors

The Registers of Electors have been prepared and are open for public inspection from 26 Feb 2019 to 11 Mar 2019. Overseas Singaporeans are encouraged to register early online at the Elections Department Voter eServices or at Singapore overseas missions (Canberra, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, San Francisco, New York) that serve as overseas registration centres with their NRIC/passport.


07 Jan 2019

2019 Chinese New Year Reception for Singaporeans

Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri and Mrs Gouri Mirpuri invite Singaporeans to celebrate Lunar New Year 2019.


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