It is recommended that Singapore citizens make a photocopy of their passport and Identity Card before they leave home, so that they can be identified by these documents in case they lose their passport. Citizens are also advised to keep their Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) separately from the passport when travelling.

If a passport is lost, stolen or misplaced and you need to return to Singapore urgently, you must:

  1. Lodge a police report at a police station in Oman where the passport was lost, stolen or misplaces. Please request a copy of the report. In some cases where this may not be possible, citizens should request an acknowledgement slip or receipt;

  2. Call or email the Singapore Embassy as soon as possible to report the loss of the passport;

  3. Schedule an appointment to see the consular officer;

  4. Bring along the following documents on the day of the appointment:
    • Original police report or copy
    • Proof of Singapore citizenship status (NRIC, birth certificate, citizenship certificate, marriage certificate)
    • 2 passport - sized colour photographs
    • A copy of flight itinerary / electronic ticket to Singapore (if any)

After the citizen’s identity has been verified, the Embassy can issue a Document of Identity (DOI) to enable the citizen to return to Singapore. Upon his/her return to Singapore, he/she must surrender the Document of Identity and apply for a replacement passport at Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.


Singapore citizens living in Oman must submit personally their application for a replacement passport at the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Muscat.



The passport processing fee required is OMR 26 in cash. The Singapore Embassy cannot accept any personal bank cheques as a form of payment. Please note that an administrative fee of OMR 16 and OMR 32are applicable for the first and second replacements respectively, of a lost, destroyed or damaged Singapore passport.


All fees are collected up-front at the point of application.

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