Extension of re-entry permit can be submitted to the Consulate during office hours if applicant is overseas at the time. However, application must be made 2 months in advance on prescribed form. All sucessful applicants must return to Singapore to collect their re-entry permit. Applicant can search the following website for more details: - or make enquiries at the Consulate.


Transfer of a valid re-entry permit from an old document to a new one.


This should be done at Permanent Resident Centre, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority in Singapore and not at the Consulates or the High Commision in India.


The following documents should accompany your application: -


  • Expired travel document (old passport) and valid travel document (new passport)
  • Ensure that the re-entry permit is still valid in the expired travel document.
  • Application is required to produce both the old and the new travel document upon arrival at the Check-Point in Singapore.

Renunciation of Permanent Resident Status


This requires the approval of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Application can be made initially at the Consulate on presentation of a copy each of the following documents by post or in person: -


  • Re-entry permit card;
  • Singapore Identity Card;
  • Passport

A self explanatory letter requesting renunciation should also accompany the abovementioned documents. Should any of the above documents be misplaced or lost, applicant must produce a police report to accompany the application.

Once an application is accepted by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, all aforesaid original documents must be presented for cancellation/endorsement at the Consulate.

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