This announcement is posted on behalf of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech).


As announced in March this year, the OneKey token will be discontinued from 1 April 2021, due to low usage of the token combined with availability of alternative two-factor authentication (2FA) methods. From 1 April 2021, users will not be able to use OneKey tokens to access digital services and are encouraged to download the SingPass Mobile app for their transactions.


We understand that there are many overseas Singaporeans who use the OneKey token. We urge existing OneKey token users to switch to the SingPass Mobile app by March 2021. The app allows users to access services by verifying with their fingerprint, face recognition or an easy-to-remember user-determined passcode.


How to download SingPass Mobile:

  1. Users can download the app from official app stores and complete a one-time setup which requires their SingPass ID, password and One-Time Password generated using the OneKey token.

  2. For users without the OneKey token, we will be introducing SingPass Face Verification in September 2020 to enable them to prove their identities via face verification when activating their SingPass Mobile app.


Please refer to for more information on SingPass Mobile, or reach out to the SingPass team via email at


Qn1: I have a smartphone with internet access. How do I log in to government digital services?

Ans: Visit the respective links to download the SingPass Mobile app:



With SingPass Mobile, you can log in to digital services using your fingerprint, face recognition or a 6-digit passcode. Find out more at


Qn2: Besides SingPass Mobile app, how can I log in to government digital services when I’m overseas?

Ans: From 16 December 2020, SingPass users will have two new Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) options, SingPass Face Verification and Multi User SMS 2FA. With SingPass Face Verification users can log in by entering their SingPass ID and password, followed by scanning their face using a mobile device with front-facing camera, or internet-enabled computer with a web camera. The Multi-User SMS 2FA is an extension of the existing SMS OTP. Users - who may require the assistance of others to sign in - can opt to have their SMS OTP sent to another SingPass user's mobile number.


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