Invitation to Quote (ITQ) for the Provision of One Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

18 Jul 2023

The Singapore Consulate-General in Guangzhou invites interested vendors to submit a quotation for the provision of a suitable multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) for the Singapore Consulate-General in Guangzhou.  


2              Interested vendors are requested to submit their written quotation offers to the following email address:   Attention to: Ms Ho Jia Yin, Attaché (Admin & Consular), Singapore Consulate-General in Guangzhou.


3              The Invitation to Quote will close on Friday, 28 July 2023 at 1600 hours. Submissions sent by post, fax or to other email accounts other than the email account indicated above will be disqualified. Quotation documents are attached in this email. Enquiries regarding the specifications may be made to Ms Ho Jia Yin at Tel: +86 20 389 12345.


4              The Quotation Schedule and Award Notice would be displayed on the Consulate’s bulletin board.


5              Thank You.


* * * * *








2              凡有意参加投标供应商必须将书面报价以电子邮件形式发至下述邮箱 ,联系人为新加坡共和国驻广州总领事馆领事随员(行政及领事)何嘉颖女士。


3              投标文件递交的截止时间为2023年728日下午16。以信件、传真或发至上述邮箱以外邮箱的电邮形式所发送的报价均视为无效报价。附件为招标相关文件。请致电+8620-38912345向何嘉颖女士咨询招标方面的疑问。


4              招标计划表及中标通知书将于本馆公告板上展示。


5              此致敬礼。



 * * * * *

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