The Consulate-General provides assistance to Singaporeans for the replacement of a lost Singapore passport.

Singaporeans who lost their passports while in China should go to the local neighbourhood police post to report the loss and fill out a lost passport form. Bring this form to the Consulate-General together with two passport-sized photographs. The person concerned should also bring along documentary evidence of his/her citizenship, if available.

If he wishes to return to Singapore immediately, a Document of Identity may be issued to him subject to the prior approval of the Controller of Immigration. The Document of Identity will show the photograph of the bearer, his signature, date of birth and NRIC No.


RMB 70 (for Document of Identity)

Processing Time

1 working day  

Important Notice

As Singaporeans require a visa to enter China, it is necessary to go to the Chinese Immigration authorities to obtain a duplicate visa for endorsement on the Document of Identity or replacement passport before you could leave China. It normally takes 5 working days to secure the visa.

Visa Office for Foreigners
Division of Aliens & Exit-Entry Administration
Address: No.155 Jie Fang Nan Lu,GuangZhou

Contact no:86 (20) 96110110
Complaint Call: 86 (20) 83111000

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