For the marriage registration process in China, please check with the local Civil Affairs Bureau (民政局). The Singapore Consulate-General in Guangzhou is not authorised to solemnise or register marriages of citizens in China.


For registering marriage in China, among other things, the Chinese authorities require foreigners to produce a letter stating their marital status. Neither the Consulate-General nor the Singapore Registry of Marriages (ROM) issues a Certificate of No Impediment (无配偶证明). The Consulate-General can however issue a letter to certify a Singaporean’s marital status.


In order for us to issue such a letter, please obtain the following prior to coming to the Consulate-General:


a) An original certified hardcopy of the Search Result for Marriage Records (searched using NRIC only) issued by the Registry of Marriage (note: this does not refer to the print copy of on-screen result generated through the free search service for marriage records). Singaporeans who are overseas may apply for the original certified hardcopy of the Search Results through the assistance of their friends or relatives in Singapore. The procedures and fees involved are outlined in ROM's website at


Please note that the original ROM Search Result should be within 3 month from the date of issue when it is presented to the Consulate-General.


b) For divorcees, please bring along the Certificate of Making the Decree Nisi Absolute/Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final duly certified by the Subordinate Courts official. For widowed individuals, please produce the Death Certificate.


You are required to be present in person at the Consulate-General to execute a Statutory Declaration as required by the Chinese authority. Please bring along your Singapore Passport for this purpose.


You may also wish to approach the Singapore Embassy in Beijing or Singapore Consulate-General in Shanghai, Chengdu and Xiamen to issue a similar letter.


As for any other documents, which are necessary for the registration of marriage, we would advise that you check directly with the local marriage authority, because some practices may differ across regions or provinces.


Some of the common things you need to know as a Singaporean who have married overseas:


1)            The Singapore law does not require Singaporeans who contracted civil marriages overseas to re-register (includes converting or endorsing a foreign marriage certificate) with the Singapore ROM. The marriage certificate issued by the competent authority of the foreign country may be accepted as prima facie evidence of a marriage between the parties named in the certificate.


2)            You may update agencies which you have dealings with, about your new marital status. For example, you may wish to update your marital status with CPF Board to change your nomination of CPF beneficiary (Note advice by CPF Board: - Nomination made before your marriage will be revoked when you marry. For more information, please refer to


3)            If your spouse is a foreigner and you like to obtain permanent residence or citizenship for her, you may seek the advice of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.  For your information, the marriage between a Singaporean and a foreigner will not automatically entitle the foreign spouse to the right to reside in Singapore permanently.  Similarly, it will not automatically entitle the foreign spouse to the issue or renewal of any Immigration Passes to remain or to work in Singapore. For more information, you may visit the websites of or


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