A valid Re-Entry Permit is necessary whenever a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) wishes to travel out of Singapore. It will enable you, as a permanent resident (PR), to retain your PR status while you are away.


i) Electronic Re-Entry Permit (e-REP)

The Electronic Re-Entry Permit (e-REP) facility allows Singapore Permanent Residents to renew and transfer Re-Entry Permits (REP) online through the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority website, www.ica.gov.sg.

Please note that with the introduction of e-REP, ICA will cease the practice of stamping the REP in the passport. Instead, an electronic Re-Entry Permit will be issued.

Important Notes

  • To renew/transfer a REP, you will need a Singpass account, a valid travel document, a valid REP, name and address of your current employer (if any) and a valid credit / debit card for online payment. To apply for a SingPass, please visit http://www.singpass.gov.sg.
  • Upon approval of Renewal Applications, you will need a VISA or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card for payment online. There is no additional processing fee for using e-REP. However, upon approval of your REP application, you are required to pay a fee using your credit/debit card. For eNETS payment, Java Version 6 Update 2 is required for your browser.
  • To print REP, ensure that your printer is functional and Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed. Note that only one print is allowed. Once you have printed your REP, you will not be able to make further re-prints. Please ensure that you keep your printed REP properly. Otherwise, you will have to make a trip personally to the PRSC, ICA Building, for a replacement copy.

Processing Time

The applications can be processed within one day if the applicants are in Singapore. For SPRs who are currently not in Singapore, the outcome of the applications will be make known to the applicants within 5 working days. If you are overseas at the time of application, you may submit your application using e-REP provided you have a SingPass account and complete the entire formalities online. There may be instances where a PR is requiredto return to Singapore to complete formalities for a 5-year REP at ICA building in Singapore. In such cases, you will be asked to pay for and print a short term REP online for use to return to Singapore.

If you do not have a SingPass or Internet connection, you can submit your REP application through:

  • a Singapore Overseas Mission
  • a representative of a foreign government performing consular functions on our behalf in that country
  • a local representative in Singapore

An overseas application should be submitted at least 2 months before the expiry of the current REP. This is to allow sufficient time for processing. An overseas applicant whose spouse is a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) should furnish his/her spouse's Singapore identity card number and a copy of their marriage certificate to expedite processing.


ii) Re-Entry Permit Application through Singapore Overseas Mission

If you wish to submit your application through the Embassy, please appear in person with the required supporting documents (see details at ICA website) and complete the application form available at the Embassy. To renew your re-entry permit at Singapore Embassy in Doha, you have to submit the following main documents to us:

  • Completed ICA application Form 6
  • Original and photocopies of all travel documents of the applicant (present and previous travel documents);
  • Original and photocopies of Singapore Blue Identity Card/Identity Card for National Service personnel;
  • Original and photocopies of Entry Permit and the latest REP;
  • Proof of employment in Singapore (if applicants acquired PR under the Scheme for Professionals/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers)

If applicant is an employee:

A recent letter (not later than one month from the date of issue) from the local employer giving the date of employment, position held and salary per month. The letter must be addressed to the Commissioner Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

If applicant is self-employed: (Eg. Company Director, Sole Proprietor, Partners, etc);

  • Valid Practising Certificate (for applicant engaged in professional practices);
  • Valid Business Registration Certificate (showing the names of all the partners or directors) from the Instant Information Service, Registry of Companies & Businesses and the latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment; or
  • Valid Vocational Licence.

Child below 16 years old:

  • Original and photocopies of his/her birth certificate, travel document and the parents' Singapore Identity Cards, marriage certificate, travel documents (present and previous ones), Entry Permits and the latest REP are also required. Letter from the respective mission to confirm that the child does not have any other travel document may be required.
  • Dependant SPRs are required to furnish the main applicant's particulars (e.g. UIN, Name, etc); and

Wife of a SC/SPR

Wife of a SC/SPR is required to produce the original and photocopies of marriage certificate and her husband's identity card. (If necessary, additional documents and information may be required to support the application.)

Applicants will have to furnish additional documents and information whenever necessary, before each application for Re-Entry Permit is considered.

Processing Time

Processing Time is 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of all documents. There may be instances where a SPR is required to return to Singapore to complete the formalities for a 5-year REP at the Permanent Resident Services Centre, ICA Buidling. In such cases, you will be granted a short term REP to facilitate your return to Singapore

Please note that a Singapore Permanent Resident who remains outside Singapore without a valid Re-Entry Permit will lose his/her PR status. Therefore, an application to renew your Re-Entry Permit should be submitted at least two months before the expiry of your existing Re-Entry Permit.

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