Singaporeans can apply or renew their passports via the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website here.

The Embassy also accepts applications via hardcopy. The completed application form should be submitted to the Consular Section together with:

  • originals and photocopies of your Identity Card/Birth Certificate
  • originals and photocopies of your Citizenship Certificate (if applicant is a citizen by descent or registration)
  • 2 recent photographs (45mm x 35mm). The photographs must be taken full face, in colour, without headgear and against a white background
  • originals and photocopies of your Marriage Certificate (for female applicants)
  • photocopies of your Exit Permit/Notice of Exemption (for male applicants)
  • originals and photocopies of your present passport
  • passport fee of S$80 or QAR220


The validity period of the Singapore passport, issued by ICA, will be increased from 5 to 10 years for Singapore Citizens aged 16 and above who submit a passport application on or after 1 October 2021. This will reduce the frequency of passport renewals, and offer greater convenience to Singaporeans. The validity period of the passport issued to children below 16 years old will remain at 5 years.


Processing Time

4 to 6 weeks


Collection of Passport

The Embassy will inform you of the collection date when we have received the passport from ICA. Collection of passport has to be done in person.


 NS-Liable Males

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has removed passport controls for NS-liable males and allow them to be issued with passports of full validity.

Exit control measures however continue to be relevant and necessary. MINDEF has decided to extend exit permit requirements, which currently affect only males aged 16½ to enlistment, to males aged 13 to below 16½.

To avoid inconveniencing those who make short overseas trips during vacations, an exit permit will only be required for overseas trips of 3 months or longer. To apply for Exit Permit, please visit MINDEF website at

Those who require exit permit of 2 years or longer will be required to furnish a bond. This bonding requirement is similar to the current arrangement where security in the form of Banker's Guarantee must be furnished. The amount of the security bond is S$75,000 or 50% of the combined gross annual income of both parents for the preceding year, whichever is higher. The monetary bond requirement for male citizens who accompany their parents on overseas employment may be waived and they be bonded by deed with two sureties.

There will be no change to the exit permit and bonding requirements for NS-liable males aged 16½ to enlistment.

Pre-enlistees who have any enquiries can contact the NS Portal Customer Service Centre at Tel: (65) 1800-3676767 (1800-eNSNSNS) or email: They can also refer to the NS portal ( for more information.

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