Renunciation of Singapore Permanent Residence

A Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore may choose to renounce his/her PR status if he/she intends to relocate or leave Singapore permanently.

[Note: A PR who has lost his/her PR status by remaining outside of Singapore without a valid Re-Entry Permit (REP), is not required to apply for renunciation of PR. If you require a verification to prove you are no longer a Singapore PR, you may request for a letter via the online request form.]

If a main applicant is to renounce his/her PR status, then all the dependants (spouse and children below 20 years old) who had obtained the status under his/her sponsorship are required to renounce together. For a child who had obtained PR under the parent's sponsorship but is above 21 years old, a separate application by the child himself/herself is required he he/she intends to renounce PR.



You can submit your Singapore PR Renunciation application via the online application form. Please return your Singapore Blue Identity Card to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) by registered mail or through your nearest Overseas Mission within 14 days of submitting the renunciation application online.

For more information on the renunciation of Singapore PR, please refer to ICA’s official website.

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