Note : The list below applies to the Singapore Embassy in Beijing as well as the Singapore Consulates-General in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen.




New Year’s Day

Monday, 1 January

Chinese New Year

Saturday, 10 February
Sunday,11 February
Monday, 12 February

Tuesday, 13 February

Wednesday, 14 February

Thursday,15 February

Friday,16 February 

Saturday, 17 February


Note: Sun 4 Feb and Sun 18 Feb are working days.

Qingming Festival

Thursday, 4 April

Friday, 5 April 

Saturday, 6 April 

Note: Sun 7 Apr is a working day.

Labour Day

Wednesday, 1 May
Thursday, 2 May

Friday, 3 May

Saturday, 4 May

Sunday, 5 May

Note: Sun 28 Apr and Sat 11 May are working days.

Duanwu Festival

Monday, 10 June

Singapore National Day

Friday, 9 August

Mid-Autumn Festival

Sunday, 15 September

Monday, 16 September

Tuesday, 17 September

Note: Sat 14 Sep is a working day.

China National Day

Tuesday, 1 October

Wednesday, 2 October

Thursday, 3 October

Friday, 4 October

Saturday, 5 October 

Sunday, 6 October 

Monday, 7 October 


Note: Sun 29 Sep and Sat 12 Oct are working days.



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