Travel Notice for Egypt

03 Jan 2019

While Egypt as a whole is stable, security incidents continue to take place periodically in Cairo and other parts of the country. A state of emergency was declared after attacks on Coptic churches in April 2017 and was re-imposed for another three months from 15 January 2019.


Singaporeans are advised to plan their travel to Egypt carefully and avoid any travel to the Western Desert, Egyptian land border areas and the Sinai Peninsula (where active military operations are on-going), with the exception of travel by air to the resort area of Sharm El Sheikh.


Those visiting and living in Egypt are reminded to monitor the local news closely, observe instructions from local authorities, be vigilant during religious festivals and avoid areas known for public disturbances and large crowds. They should purchase comprehensive travel and medical insurance and be familiar with their coverage.


Singaporeans visiting Egypt are strongly encouraged to e-Register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at so that we can contact you if necessary and to stay in touch with family and friends so they know you are safe.  Singaporeans staying in Egypt for more than a month should notify the Singapore Embassy in Cairo.  Those who need consular assistance in Egypt may contact the Singapore Embassy in Cairo or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24 hours) at:



Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Cairo
40 Adnan Omar Sedky Street (Former Babel Street)

Dokki 11511, Cairo, Egypt

Telephone:  +202-3749-0468, 3749-5045

Duty Officer Telephone: +20-109-8064-130 (24-hours)



Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hours)

Tanglin, Singapore 248163

Telephone:  +65 6379 8800 / 8855


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