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“Many Singaporeans travel during the mid-year school holidays in June to popular overseas destinations such as Germany. If you are one of them, we hope you will take the necessary precautions before & during a trip. Here are some useful travel tips:


Before travelling


· Within the EU, you can find Singapore embassies in Berlin, Brussels, London and Paris. We also have offices in Geneva and Vienna.


· Have you bought comprehensive travel insurance? Remember to read through the terms & coverage carefully.


· Find out the local laws & customs restrictions, including immigration procedures & entry requirements.


· Important: travellers entering or exiting the European Union must declare to custom authorities, without being asked, if they carry EUR 10,000 or more in cash PER PERSON.


· eRegister with MFA ( so that we can reach out to you during an emergency.


While travelling


· Always take care of your personal safety & travel companions, remain vigilant & monitor local weather news, travel advisories and security developments.


· Exercise caution especially at large gatherings; avoid locations known for demonstrations or disturbances.


· Be prepared for travel delays & last-minute schedule changes, especially due to unforeseen events such as accidents, natural disasters or terror attacks.


· Stay connected with family and friends in Singapore. Inform them of your whereabouts & overseas contact details. Don’t let them worry unnecessarily.


If you need consular assistance in Germany, please contact the Singapore Embassy in Berlin [T: +49-(30) 2263-430 or +49-152-2341-2182(after office hours); E:;A: Voßstraße 17, 10117 Berlin]

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