MFA Press Statement: Condolence Letter on the Passing of Former President of the Republic of Chile Sebastián Piñera

08 February 2024

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has written to the President of the Republic of Chile Gabriel Boric Font to convey his condolences on the passing of former Chile President Sebastián Piñera. The text of the letter is appended.



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8 February 2024


Dear Excellency,



I was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of former President Sebastián Piñera.



Mr Piñera led Chile through some difficult times. His astute handling of COVID-19 helped Chile mitigate the effects of the pandemic and maintain stability in crucial sectors of the economy. Mr Piñera was a leader who was dedicated to the well-being of his country.



I had the honour of meeting Mr Piñera on many occasions, including during his Working Visit to Singapore in 2018. I benefitted greatly from his wisdom and insight. He was also a good friend of Singapore. During his tenure, relations between our two countries deepened. We signed the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement and secured the substantial conclusion of the Pacific Alliance-Singapore Free Trade Agreement in 2020. We also expanded our cooperation into new areas like green energy.



My thoughts are with Mr Piñera’s family and the people of Chile during this sad time.



With deepest sympathies,


Yours sincerely



Lee Hsien Loong



His Excellency Gabriel Boric Font


Republic of Chile

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