MFA Press Statement On The Situation in Gaza

17 November 2023

Singapore welcomes the adoption of United Nations Security Council resolution 2712 calling for urgent and extended humanitarian pauses and corridors in Gaza. We remain deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. Every effort must be made for the immediate, safe, and unhindered provision of humanitarian aid to affected civilians throughout Gaza. Singapore reiterates its call for the immediate and safe release of civilian hostages in Gaza. 


Singapore deeply regrets the impact of Israel’s military operations at the Al Shifa hospital. We strongly urge Israel to do its utmost to protect all civilians and medical facilities in Gaza.  We urge all parties to comply fully with international humanitarian law. Civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, should be protected. Hamas should not use these premises for military purposes or use civilians as human shields.


Singapore will continue to work closely with our humanitarian partners to offer additional assistance and support to the Palestinian people.


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17 NOVEMBER 2023

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