MFA Spokesperson's Comments on the Situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip

16 October 2023

Singapore is deeply distressed by the increasing civilian casualty toll and deepening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. These arise from Israeli military operations in response to the attacks by Hamas on Israel on 7 October 2023.


Hamas deliberately targeted civilians, murdering and kidnapping them, and perpetrating abhorrent acts of terror. These atrocities cannot be justified by any rationale. We call for the immediate and safe release of all civilians taken hostage by Hamas.


  Israel has the legitimate right to defend its citizens and its territory. However, in exercising this right Israel must comply with international law, including the laws of war. It must do its utmost to protect the safety and security of civilians.


We urge all parties to abide by international humanitarian law and allow for the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.  


In response to the urgent humanitarian situation, the Singapore Government will contribute S$300,000 towards humanitarian relief operations through the Singapore Red Cross.  


Tragically, too many lives on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have been lost in repeated cycles of violence over many decades. Singapore has long held the position that the only viable path to a durable, just and comprehensive resolution to the longstanding conflict is a negotiated two-state solution consistent with relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. It is convinced that this remains the case. It urges both sides to take steps towards this ultimate goal, despite the recent and ongoing hostilities and the difficulty of the task. Israelis and Palestinians alike deserve to live in peace, security and dignity.  


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16 OCTOBER 2023

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