Press Statement by the Global Governance Group (3G) on its Sixteenth Ministerial Meeting, 20 September 2023

20 September 2023

The 16th Ministerial Meeting of the Global Governance Group (3G)[1] was convened in New York on 20 September 2023 on the sidelines of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The Troika of the Group of Twenty (G20) (previous, current and incoming Presidencies), as represented by Indonesia, India, and Brazil respectively this year, was invited to join the 3G Foreign Ministers to explore how the 3G and the G20 could work together to address challenges facing the international community. This annual meeting with the G20 Troika aims to promote a more inclusive, accountable and effective global governance framework.


  At the meeting, India, in its capacity as the 2023 G20 Presidency, briefed on the outcome of the G20 Summit held in New Delhi, India, from 9 to 10 September 2023. In response, the 3G congratulated India on the successful outcome of the Summit, including the adoption of a consensus Leaders’ Declaration. In addition, the 3G welcomes the commitment of the G20 to, inter alia, accelerate strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth, and the full and effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, pursue low-global greenhouse gas (GHG)/low-carbon emissions, climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable development pathways by championing an integrated and inclusive approach, scale up financing for development, pursue multilateral reforms, in particular, of the international financial institutions, strengthen the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to address global challenges to maximise developmental impact, and improve access to digital services and digital public infrastructure and leverage digital transformation opportunities to boost sustainable and inclusive growth.


The 3G noted the G20’s assessment that cascading crises have posed challenges to long-term growth and hence, appreciates the G20’s decision to implement well-calibrated macroeconomic and structural policies to help resolve the cost-of-living crisis and unlock strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth.


The 3G further welcomed the G20’s recognition of the critical role of private enterprise in accelerating growth and driving sustainable economic transformations, and to this end, the G20 will, inter alia, create inclusive, sustainable, and resilient global value chains and support developing countries to move up the value chain. The 3G agrees with the G20 that start-ups and MSMEs are natural engines of growth. The 3G strongly supports the G20’s commitment to ensure a level-playing field and fair competition by discouraging protectionism and market-distorting practices. It agrees with the G20’s reiteration of the need to pursue WTO reform to improve all its functions through an inclusive member-driven process, as well as its emphasis on the need for a fully and well-functioning dispute settlement system accessible to all members by 2024, with the objective of achieving an open, predictable, rules-based, transparent, non-discriminatory and equitable multilateral trading system. 3G members will work with the G20 to make MC13 a success.


The 3G Ministers commended India for its leadership and its commitment to inclusive, equitable, high-quality education and skills training for all, including for those in vulnerable situations; and its recognition of the importance of investment in supporting human capital development.


The 3G agreed with the G20 that we should urgently accelerate our actions to address environmental crises and challenges including climate change, which disproportionately impact developing countries, especially Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States. Hence, the 3G supports the G20’s reaffirmation of its steadfast commitments to tackle climate change by strengthening the full and effective implementation ofParis Agreement and its temperature goal.


The 3G Ministers noted that the rules-based multilateral system is under stress amidst rising geopolitical tensions and increasing protectionism. The 3G Ministers reiterated the importance of upholding the principles of international law and human rights, as contained in the United Nations (UN) Charter, as well as in ensuring that the multilateral system remain open and rules-based.


The 3G Ministers appreciated the G20’s inclusive approach and continued engagement of non-G20 members, such as the 3G, to encourage stronger dialogue between the G20 and the broader UN membership and taking into consideration a wider perspective of views. The 3G Ministers thanked Indonesia for its assessment of the way forward in addressing global challenges, and Brazil for briefing the meeting on its priorities.  The 3G looked forward to Brazil’s Presidency next year and to working with Brazil to explore further collaboration between the G20 and the 3G, in particular, to assist developing countries in accelerating the progress towards the SDGs. The 3G Ministers highlighted that it is important to ensure inclusiveness, coherence and complementarity when setting global standards and mobilising collective action on shared challenges. 


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20 September 2023

[1] The 3G comprises the following Member States of the United Nations: Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Costa Rica, Finland, Guatemala, Jamaica, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, San Marino, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay and Viet Nam.

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