Appointment of Singapore's Honorary Consul-General in Lima, Peru

29 January 2023

The Government of the Republic of Singapore, with the agreement of the Government of the Republic of Peru, has appointed Mdm Luzmila Zanabria as Singapore’s Honorary Consul-General in Lima, with jurisdiction in the entirety of the Republic of Peru.
Mdm Zanabria, 79, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru and the Diplomatic Academy of Peru.
Mdm Zanabria was previously a career diplomat of Peru. She retired in 2011 after serving the Peruvian Foreign Service for more than four decades. She had served as Ambassador of Peru to Bolivia, China, Paraguay and Portugal before her last appointment as the Director-General for Multilateral and Global Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru. She is the wife of the late Singapore’s Honorary Consul-General in Lima, Mr Winston Merchor.
The address of the Singapore Honorary Consulate-General in Lima is as follows:
Honorary Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Lima
Address: Calle Martin de Murua 150 Of. 801
San Miguel – Lima, Peru
Office Hours: Monday to Friday
10 00 hours – 12 00 hours
Telephone: +511 377 7870
Mdm Luzmila’s CV can be viewed here [HCG in Lima Peru Luzmila Zanabria (38.34KB)].
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29 JANUARY 2023

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