MFA Spokesperson's Comments on Malaysia's Announcement of its Intention to Continue Legal Action at the International Court of Justice in the Case Concerning Sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge

14 October 2022

In response to media queries, the MFA Spokesperson said:  


“Singapore has noted Malaysia’s press release that Malaysia intends to continue legal action in the International Court of Justice (the Court) on the issue of sovereignty over Pedra Branca. In 2008, the Court awarded sovereignty over Pedra Branca to Singapore in the Case concerning Sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks and South Ledge. After the Court’s decision, both Singapore and Malaysia publicly announced that they will accept and abide by the Court’s decision which is final.


In 2017, Malaysia instituted an application for revision and a request for interpretation of the Court’s 2008 decision, which were subsequently withdrawn by Malaysia in 2018. Under the Statute of the Court, an application for revision cannot be made after the expiry of ten years from the date of the Court’s 2008 judgment (i.e., May 2018).


Singapore is unable to comment on Malaysia’s latest intentions since no details have been shared. Singapore stands ready to robustly defend our sovereignty over Pedra Branca and will deal with whatever legal action Malaysia may pursue.”

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14 OCTOBER 2022

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