Transcript of Doorstop Interview with Minister for Foreign Affairs George Yeo on 24 November 2007

24 November 2007

Q: Could you give us some general comments and your thoughts on the current progress and how convincing the cases have been?

Minister Yeo: Both sides have assembled competent teams and they gave their best efforts. The matter is now before the judges and I think they will take a few months to come to a decision. Whatever the decision we shall accept it. This is our position as Singapore and this is Malaysia's position. It is a very civilised way of resolving the dispute.

Q: How do you foresee Singapore Malaysia ties going on? Will the trial settle this dispute once and for all or will the Pedra Branca case come up once in a while?

Minister Yeo: On Pedra Branca there will be finality. That is the advantage of it, that there is finality.

Q: So in terms of relationships then?

Minister Yeo: I do not think that it would affect the relationship because both sides agreed that this was the way to settle it. Both sides have said that we will abide by the decision. Of course whoever loses will be disappointed and there might be some unhappiness but I believe that we can overcome it. It is seen as a fair and objective way of coming to a decision.

Q: How do assess Singapore chances in this case?

Minister Yeo: I think we have a good case because we have been in occupation. I should not retrace the arguments but I believe that we have a good case which was very well argued.

. . . . .

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