Transcript of Doorstop Interview with DPM Prof S Jayakumar at the Parties Room, Peace Palace, The Hague on 23 November 2007

23 November 2007

CNA: Your comments after the end of the oral proceedings?

DPM Jayakumar : Well, we have come to end of three hectic weeks here at The Hague and both sides have presented all the arguments in the oral pleadings. I think it would be presumptuous for me to go into the details of each side's case. But for Singapore's side, let me say that our team has worked very hard the past three weeks and I am very proud of them. Although we should not be presumptuous, I do believe that we have presented a stronger case. But having said that, let us not forget that this case is like any other case before any court. The final word rests with the judges, in this case, 16 judges. I think they will take time to go through, not only what was said orally, but also the many written pleadings which contained a lot of arguments on both sides. So, let us wait for the outcome of the judgement. But one more point I want to add is that the fact that both Malaysia and Singapore submitted this case by mutual agreement is a good step, and a good way of resolving disputes between two countries, for resort to third-party settlement, whether through International Court or international arbitration, is a way of removing a problem or irritant which might otherwise affect the overall bilateral relations and in this case, both Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to abide by the decision of the World Court. Thank you.

CNA:Thank you.

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