MFA Press Statement: International Court Of Justice Public Hearings In The Case Concerning Sovereignty Over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks And South Ledge (Malaysia/Singapore), 6 to 23 November 2007, The Hague (Netherlands)

30 October 2007

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will be holding its public hearings in the case concerning Sovereignty over Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks and South Ledge (Malaysia/Singapore), at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands) from 6 - 23 November 2007. The public hearings follow three rounds of written pleadings exchanged between Singapore and Malaysia from March 2004 to November 2005, in accordance with the terms of the Special Agreement signed by the Foreign Ministers of both countries on 6 February 2003 for the submission of the dispute to the ICJ.

The Singapore delegation will comprise Deputy Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Law Professor S Jayakumar, Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong, Attorney-General Chao Hick Tin, and Ambassador-at-Large Professor Tommy Koh, who is also serving as the Agent of Singapore for this case. They will be accompanied by senior government officials. The Singapore delegation also comprises an experienced team of international legal Counsel, namely, Mr Ian Brownlie Q.C., Professor Alain Pellet, Mr Rodman Bundy and Ms Loretta Malintoppi.

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30 OCTOBER 2007


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