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Arrest or Detention

How can you help me if I am arrested overseas?

  • We will defend your right to be treated humanely and fairly, and ensure that you are not denied any legal assistance which you may be entitled to.


  • We will ensure you are not denied access to a consular officer.


  • We will ensure that you are not detained pending trial for a disproportionate length of time.


  • We will pass on information on the progress of your case to your family.


  • We will assist in arranging prison visits by your family to see you.


  • We will assist you in gathering information on the host country’s judicial and prison system.


  • We will provide a list of lawyers to you and your family.


  • We will ensure that you are not denied access to required medical care.


  • We will assist in transferring funds for your legal fees.


  • We will facilitate your return to Singapore upon your release.


What are you unable to do for me if I am arrested abroad?

  • We cannot post bail or pay fines for you.


  • We cannot disregard the host country’s laws to ensure your release.


  • We cannot provide you with legal advice.


  • We cannot intervene in your legal case.

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