Hear From Our Officers

Lim Zhong Hui, Second Secretary (Admin and Consular)

I was previously deployed as Vice-Consul (Admin & Consular) at the Consulate-General of Singapore in Mumbai, India.  My responsibilities were varied.  On top of managing the daily operations of the Mission such as local staff management, security, procurement and finance, I also assisted overseas Singaporeans in distress, attended official functions with Government officials, organised official functions and arranged incoming Ministerial and working level visits.

A Sense of Pride

I served my first overseas posting as Attaché (Admin & Consular) at the Singapore Embassy in Washington, DC.  One highlight I will always remember was helping to facilitate the visit of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to the United States.  Seeing the Singapore flag raised over Blair House − the US President's Guest House − brought out a sense of national pride and achievement that I had played a part, however small, in ensuring the success of the visit.

Challenges Pave The Way Ahead

I was drawn to MFA by its dynamic environment and overseas postings. When I look back at some of the memorable moments during my time here, they all have a common thread binding them  challenges. I had just started working in Mumbai Mission when the monsoon season began in 2015. The city was flooded. The roads became inaccessible and public transport was shut down. The Consulate-General had to continue operations even though only a few of us managed to get to work. We took turns manning the security counter and reception while tending to phone calls. Despite the hectic situation, it turned out to be a memorable experience because the team worked together to get through the situation and became better prepared for similar incidents in the future.

At MFA, every challenge comes with learning opportunities. Each time, I navigate through one, it builds up my confidence. I have also developed various skills that would serve me well in my career.

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