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Vision, Mission, and Values


To be an excellent Foreign Service that safeguards and advances Singapore’s interests


MFA is committed to the effective and timely formulation, implementation, and communication of policies that:

  • Uphold Singapore’s sovereignty
  • Promote a peaceful regional environment
  • Sustain Singapore’s relevance internationally
  • Expand Singapore’s political and economic space
  • Share our developmental experience as a responsible global citizen
  • Connect with Singaporeans travelling and living overseas, assist them in times of need


MFA officers are driven by a sense of duty and professionalism and live by the values of:


  • Incorruptible in our work
  • Courage to do what is right


  • Undeterred by challenges
  • Creative and responsive to change


  • Respect and value every individual and their contribution
  • Work as a team, both within MFA and with external parties to achieve common goals

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