MFA is currently divided into 11 Directorates which deal with political and economic matters, and 7 Directorates which oversee matters relating to protocol, consular issues and the Singapore Cooperation Programme among others. The Corporate Affairs Directorate oversees organisational and resource management while the Human Resource Directorate and Diplomatic Academy manage the development of personnel and training. One third of our staff serve in the MFA’s 50 overseas missions. In addition, we have 43 non-resident High Commissioners/Ambassadors based in Singapore and 30 Honorary Consuls-General/Consuls abroad.

MFA HQ's Organisational Structure

Permanent Secretary

Chee Wee Kiong

Second Permanent Secretary

Stanley Loh

  • Prof Tommy Koh
  • Gopinath Pillai
  • Prof Chan Heng Chee
  • Ong Keng Yong
Senior Advisor
  • Mrs. Mary Seet-Cheng
Deputy Secretary (Asia-Pacific) and concurrently Deputy Secretary (Southeast Asia)

Ng Teck Hean

  • AM - Americas
  • ANZP - Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific
  • CON - Consular
  • DA - MFA Diplomatic Academy
  • EUR - Europe
  • IE - International Economics
  • IO - International Organisation
  • ME - Middle East, North Africa & Central Asia
  • NEA - Northeast Asia
  • SAA - South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa
  • SEA I - Southeast Asia I
  • SEA II - Southeast Asia II
  • TC - Technical Co-Operation
Deputy Secretary (Management)

Ong Eng Chuan

  • CA - Corporate Affairs
  • HR - Human Resource
  • IAU - Internal Audit Unit
  • IM - Information Management
  • PRO - Protocol
  • SC - Strategic Communications

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