30 September 2021


Declaration of Non-local COVID-19 Vaccination Records in Hong Kong SAR


From 15 September 2021 onwards, Hong Kong’s COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System supports the retrieval and download of both local and non-local vaccination records.  Individuals can now register their non-local vaccination records with the HKSAR Government through voluntary declaration to obtain a vaccination record QR code.  The QR code cannot replace the original vaccination record.  Individuals should keep the original copies of their non-local COVID-19 vaccination records properly, and may also continue to present paper vaccination records for daily use.   Please refer here for the list of COVID-19 vaccine administered outside Hong Kong that can be registered in the HKSAR’s system.


An inbound traveller (Hong Kong resident and non-Hong Kong resident) who is subject to compulsory quarantine and arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport can declare his/her non-local vaccination details when he/she is conducting the “Health & Quarantine Information Declaration” at the Department of Health’s online platform.  Upon arrival in Hong Kong, officers at control points will check his/her proof of non-local vaccination record and issue a compulsory quarantine order together with a vaccination record QR code for local use at the same time.  The same arrangement will be applicable to those arriving at Hong Kong via land boundary control points from 28 September 2021 onwards.


Inbound travellers who are currently already in Hong Kong (Hong Kong resident and non-Hong Kong resident) can declare their non-local vaccination records through the electronic “COVID-19 Vaccination Information Declaration Form” starting from 15 September 2021.  Upon completion of declaration, a vaccination record QR code for local use will be issued immediately.  Those who are unable to make the declaration online can declare their non-local vaccination record free of charge through the staff at 18 designated post offices.  Holders of a QR code of vaccination record for local use can scan and save the code with the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app. 


Please refer here for more details on the declaration of non-local COVID-19 vaccination records in Hong Kong.   

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