Invitation to Quote

20 Aug 2021





The Consulate-General of the Republic of SIngapore in Chengdu, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Singapore, would like to invite interested suppliers to participate in an Invitation to Quote (ITQ) for the design and construction of the Singapore Pavilion (Consulate-General Portion) for the 18th Western China International Fair (WCIF). Interested suppliers may write in to to request for the documents with information relating to the ITQ and all other enquiries on the ITQ.



The ITQ will be open from Friday 20 Aug 2021 and close at 1800hr on Tuesday 31 Aug 2021. 




20 AUGUST 2021





The queries received by Potential Suppliers are appended below for information and reference for all other Potential Suppliers. 


Is Annex S4-4E supposed to form part of the contract that should be stamped and signed, and a scanned copy emailed as part of the bid submission?Yes, it will form part of the contract that will be stamped and signed with the Contractor who will be awarded the Quotation. For the bid submission, it is not necessary to submit a stamped and signed copy of the contract yet. Contractors should read the Contract carefully and indicate in Section C of the Quotation Schedule if they are unable to comply with certain specifications or conditions of contract.


Do all the forms and undertakings in the ITQ documents have to be extracted separately and submitted or should the whole document be submitted in whole?It is up to the Contractor to submit the forms and undertakings separately or as part of the whole document, as long as the forms and undertakings are completed in order and the file size is not overly big to result in failure in delivery of the email bid due to large file size.


Is there a template to fill in for proof of no records of violation of laws or regulations from 1 July 2018 to ITQ deadline?

There is no template.


For the critical criteria “My company agrees to adhere to all the requirements imposed by the Sichuan International Exhibition Co. Ltd. for the 18th WCIF as listed in the booth construction contractor manual”, would we have to fill in the undertaking in the booth construction contractor manual as part of the bid submission or would it suffice to tick the relevant box to confirm that we are able to meet the critical criteria?

It would suffice to tick the relevant box for the purpose of bid submission. The undertaking would eventually have to be completed and submitted to the Sichuan International Exhibition Co. Ltd. by the Contractor who has been awarded the bid.


Can the payment term of 30 days be negotiated? Typically payments are made at various milestones during the project.

The payment term has been fixed for 30 days to allow time for internal payment processes and processing time by the bank, after receiving the accurate invoice and receipt from the Contractor after all goods and services have been certified to be received in satisfactory condition. As such, it is not possible to change the payment term and milestone payment is not applicable for this specific project. Nonetheless, assuming the Authority has received the goods and services in satisfactory condition and the invoice and receipt are in order, the Contractor may expect to receive the payment within one to two weeks in the best case scenario.


Do we have to indicate the quotation reference number in the email header when submitting the bid or does it have to be indicated in every document we submit as part of the bid?

It would suffice to indicate the quotation reference number in the email header. 

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