Remarks by Ambassador Chin Siat Yoon at the Singapore Embassy's National Day Reception on 10 Aug 10 at China World Hotel, Beijing - 12/8/2010

12 Aug 2010

Remarks by Ambassador Chin Siat Yoon at the Singapore Embassy's National Day Reception on 10 Aug 10 at China World Hotel, Beijing

Your Excellency Hu Zhengyue, Assistant Minister, PRC MFA
Honourable guests,
My fellow Singaporeans,


1 Thank you for joining us as we celebrate Singapore’s National Day.


2 Yesterday, Singapore turned 45. This year, the theme for our National Day calls on Singaporeans to “Live our Dreams and Fly Our Flags”. It expresses our collective hope for a bright future, one that allows us to be all that we can be. It also reminds us that we do not just dream our dreams alone, but also pursue them together in unity, looking beyond the present and moving forward together with hope, confidence, and pride in our nation.

昨天,新加坡度过了45岁的生日。今年的国庆庆典主题是“腾飞的梦想,飘扬的国旗”。它 表达了我们的共同心愿:希望未来更加光明、希望我们的潜能能够得到全方位的发挥。同时,它还提醒我们:在追求梦想的道路上,我们不是孤立的个体,而是一个 团结的整体。我们要努力向前看,怀着对国家的希望、信心和骄傲,一起为实现梦想而努力奋斗。

3 Singapore attained its independence amidst turbulent and uncertain times. We are a young and small country devoid of natural resources - a ‘little red dot’ - whose chances for survival in an often hostile world can never be taken for granted. Our only asset is our people, and even that in inadequate numbers. But despite the odds, we have survived, and even thrived.

新 加坡是在动荡和漂泊的背景下独立的。我们是一个年轻, 资源贫乏的国家,一个被称为“小红点”的蕞尔小国。在一个危机四伏的国际环境里,我们的生存并非理所当然。我们唯一的财富就是我们的人民。 但是,我们人口并不多。尽管存在这种种不利因素,我们最终克服难关,并繁荣起来。

4 I am very pleased to note that Singapore is expected to have a “bumper harvest” this year, registering a GDP growth of 13 – 15 percent. Everywhere in Singapore, exciting changes are taking place. Earlier this year, the second integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands, a venture by Las Vegas Sands, opened in Singapore. Also, as I speak, young athletes from all over the world are flying to Singapore to participate in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) which Singapore will host from 14-26 August.

我 很高兴地告诉大家,新加坡今年预计会是个 “丰收年”, 国内生产总值增长率有望达到百分之13至15。目前,国内有许多令人振奋的发展。今年早些时候,新加坡的第二家综合度假胜地——美国拉斯维加斯金沙集团旗 下的“滨海湾金沙”终于对外开放了。我于此致词之即,来自全球的青年运动员正在飞往新加坡参加8月14日至26日在新加坡举办的首届青年奥运会。

5 As we celebrate our achievements, however, we must, as our Prime Minister cautioned, “not get carried away”. “Contemplating the dangers when one is in a good state” or “居安思危”lies at the core of our developmental strategy. In the current financial crisis, risk factors continue to loom large given the uncertainty of US economic recovery and the European debt crisis. There is no room for complacency.


6 This evening’s gathering also celebrates the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Singapore and China. Over these past decades, China has transformed itself totally. Singapore welcomes the peaceful rise of China. As Singapore looks to the future, we hope to continue working closely with China, whose impressive economic performance has contributed significantly to Asia’s and even the world’s economic recovery. I believe that our two countries can and should strive together for a better future through close cooperation and exchanges between our peoples in many different areas. China, I think, shares a similar view. I am therefore confident that our ties will continue to grow from strength to strength in the years to come.

今 年正逢新加坡与中国建交20周年。因此,今天我们也要借此机会庆祝。在过去的数十年中,中国进行了全方位的改革转型。新加坡欢迎中国的和平崛起。在新加坡 展望未来的同时,我们期盼与中国紧密合作。中国强劲的经济表现在亚洲乃至全球经济复苏的过程中起到了举足轻重的作用。我相信,两国可以,并应当在多个不同 领域内开展更密切的双边合作,共同努力创造更美好的明天。我相信,中国的想法和我们一致。因此,我有信心,我们两国之间的关系势必在未来继续深化与加强。

7 On this note, let me conclude by expressing my profound gratitude to all the Chinese dignitaries and friends, members of the diplomatic corps, and fellow Singaporeans who have taken time off their busy schedules to join us in tonight’s celebration.


Please join me now in a toast:


To the good health, prosperity and happiness of the peoples of Singapore and China;


To the close and lasting friendship between our two countries!


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