Consular Updates

02 Jan 2009

Launch of Electronic Re-Entry Permit (e-REP)


Dear fellow Singaporeans,

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) issued a press release on 29 December 2008 on the introduction of a new e-service, Electronic Re-Entry Permit (e-REP). With effect from 2 January 2009, this new e-service enables Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs) to renew or transfer their Re-Entry Permit (REP) online, anywhere and at anytime.

The REP provides for a SPR to retain his SPR status while travelling abroad. Currently, it is issued in the form of an endorsement in the SPR's passport or as a REP card. A SPR who leaves Singapore or remains abroad without a valid REP will lose his SPR status. With the launch of e-REP, ICA will cease to issue REP in the form of endorsements or REP cards for all REP applications approved on/after 2 January 2009.

All current REP endorsements and REP cards issued prior to the launch of e-REP remain valid until their expiry date, provided that they have not been cancelled or invalidated by ICA.

ICA's press release is available at:

Singapore Embassy in Beijing
2 January 2009

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