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09 May 2024

In view of the uncertain security situation, travellers are advised to avoid travel to the Transnistria region.


Singaporeans who are in Moldova are advised to remain vigilant, monitor local news closely and heed the advice of the local authorities. They should take necessary precautions for their personal safety and eRegister with MFA at https://eregister.mfa.gov.sg if they have not done so. As Singapore does not have a diplomatic mission in Moldova, Singaporeans there who require consular assistance should contact:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24 hours)
Telephone: +65 6379 8800 / 8855

Fax: +65 6476 7302

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Ministry of Health (MOH) Public Health Advisory

Travellers should refer to the ICA website for the latest information on travelling to/from or transiting through Singapore. For the latest updates on Singapore’s COVID-19 situation, please refer to the MOH website at https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Note: As of 10 March 2022, the Government of Moldova has closed its airspace to all commercial flights due to Russia’s military actions in the neighbouring Ukraine. Travellers are not advised to travel to Moldova via the Transnistria region. Moldova has declared a nationwide state of emergency and other local restrictions may be implemented with little warning.


In view of the COVID-19 situation, travellers visiting Moldova should be prepared for updates to entry requirements. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration website (https://mfa.gov.md/ro/content/calatoreste-siguranta-alerte-de-calatorie-covid-19 ) for the latest information.

Singaporeans do not need a visa for entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a period of stay of up to 90 days, during six months from the date of first entry. Moldova further requires visitors to have a passport of at least three months’ validity beyond the intended date of departure from Moldova.

As immigration requirements can change at short notice, travellers are advised to contact their travel agent or the Consulate of the Republic of Moldova (faisel.moldova@gmail.com) to ensure they have accurate information for their specific purpose of travel prior to departure.

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