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Kyrgyz Republic


Travel Notice for Kyrgyz Republic

20 July 2023
Skirmishes had occurred periodically at a disputed stretch of the border between the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, most recently in September 2022.

Singaporeans should avoid travelling to the Kyrgyz Republic-Tajikistan border and are strongly advised to take all necessary precautions for their personal safety, including monitoring the local news and heeding the advice and instructions of the local authorities. 


Singapore has no diplomatic presence in the Kyrgyz Republic, which constrains our ability to extend consular assistance in an emergency. Singaporeans travelling to the Kyrgyz Republic/Tajikistan are encouraged to e-register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at https://eregister.mfa.gov.sg/ so that they can be contacted should the need arise. They should also purchase comprehensive travel insurance and familiarise themselves with the terms and coverage.

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