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Ministry of Health (MOH) Public Health Advisory

Travellers should refer to the ICA website for the latest information on travelling to/from or transiting through Singapore. For the latest updates on Singapore’s COVID-19 situation, please refer to the MOH website at https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19.


In view of the COVID-19 situation, travellers visiting the Republic of Belarus should be prepared for updates to entry requirements. Please visit the website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus at http://minzdrav.gov.by/ru/dlya-belorusskikh-grazhdan/strany-krasnoy-zony.php for the latest information.


Entry into the Republic of Belarus through a land border for foreign citizens has been suspended.

According to the Presidential Decree effective 27 July 2018, Singaporeans may enter Belarus for up to 30 days without a visa, unless arriving by plane from the Russian Federation. In addition, to qualify for the visa-free regime, travellers will have to enter and exit through the border checkpoint at the Minsk National Airport, and have the following:

  • A valid ordinary passport with at least six months validity on entry with one blank visa page;
  • A medical insurance policy with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros, valid in Belarus for the entire duration of stay.
  • Hold proof of sufficient funds for a minimum of 46 rubles per day of stay on entry;
    • Hold proof of onward/return airline tickets;
    • Hold all documents required for the next destination;
    • Confirm with their airline that boarding will be permitted without a visa as these conditions are subject to change

Note: when staying in Belarus for more than 5 working days, foreign nationals will need to register with the divisions on citizenship and migration of the territorial bodies and internal affairs. If staying with a hotel, hostel, sanatorium or other collective accommodation facility, this registration will be carried out by the administration of the respective facility by default upon check-in.

As immigration requirements can change at short notice, travellers are advised to contact their travel agent or visit Belarus MFA’s website to ensure you have accurate information for your specific purpose prior to departure. 

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