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Travel Advisories and Notices

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26 Jun 2023 Travel Notice Malaysia

Travel Notice Situation in Eastern Sabah

Singaporeans who intend to travel to the eastern coast of Sabah should exercise vigilance and caution. They should keep themselves updated on the latest developments through official websites such as ...

26 Jun 2023 Travel Advisory Myanmar

Travel Advisory for Myanmar

In view of the continuing uncertain security situation in Myanmar, Singaporeans are strongly advised to defer all travel to Myanmar at this time. Singaporeans currently in Myanmar shou...

24 Jun 2023 Travel Notice France

Travel Notice for France

France remains at risk of terrorist attacks. The national security alert system – Vigipirate - is currently at the second level of “Reinforced security – risk of attack”. It is a state of enhanced vig...

27 Oct 2022 Travel Advisory Nigeria


In view of the current security situation and heightened risks of terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Singaporeans are advised to defer all non-essential travel to Nigeria.   Singaporeans presently in Niger...

18 Sep 2022 Travel Advisory Azerbaijan

Travel Advisory: Situation in the Nagorno-Karabakh Region

Singapore has no diplomatic representation in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Singaporeans there who require consular assistance should contact the 24-hour MFA Duty Office at:   Ministry of Foreign Affairs Te...

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