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Loss of Passport

What should I do if lose my passport overseas?

If you have lost your passport overseas, we advise to do the following:

  1. Lodge a police report with the local police immediately, and contact the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission.

  2. Proceed to the Singapore Embassy/Mission with the police report, two recent passport-sized photographs, documentary proof of your citizenship status and identity (e.g. Identity Card, Birth Certificate).

  3. For Singaporeans who are tourists, our Embassy/Mission will issue a Document of Identity (DOI) to enable you to return to Singapore after your particulars have been verified. The DOI application fee is SGD15. Upon your return to Singapore, you would need to apply for a new passport at the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

  4. For Singaporeans who are working or studying in the country, our Embassy/Mission will assist you in your application for a replacement passport.

If your passport is lost in a country with no Singapore Embassy, you may contact the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission for assistance. For more information on reporting the loss of a Singapore passport, please visit ICA’s website or write to them at ica_feedback@ica.gov.sg.

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