Singapore’s Humanitarian Assistance to Support Efforts Against COVID-19 in Myanmar

28 July 2021

The Singapore Government will contribute 200 10-litre oxygen concentrators to support the people of Myanmar in this COVID-19 pandemic. The oxygen concentrators will be channelled through the Singapore Red Cross (SRC), which has launched a public appeal to deliver humanitarian assistance for communities in Southeast Asia and South Asia through the “COVID-19 International Response Fund”. The SRC will work with the Myanmar Red Cross Society to distribute the oxygen concentrators to affected communities in Myanmar. This will supplement the Singapore Government’s earlier contributionof polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machines, diagnostic tests, surgical masks, hand sanitisers, and other medical supplies to support Myanmar’s efforts to combat COVID-19. 


  Singapore stands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar in their fight against COVID-19. These contributions, as well as donations organised by private entities and the Myanmar community in Singapore, attest to the strong mutual support between the peoples of Singapore and Myanmar in overcoming the shared challenges of COVID-19.


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28 JULY 2021


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