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Citizenship Application

Electronic Singapore Citizenship (eSC)

The following schemes are available for application via eSC (Electronic Singapore Citizenship Application) with a SingPass account:

  • Singapore Citizen by Descent Scheme
    • Children of age 1 year old and below born outside of Singapore to Singapore Citizen parent(s).
    • The applicant has to fax the duly completed supplementary form, a copy of the marriage certificate and the child’s birth certificate to the ICA at fax number +(65) 6293 6956 or send an email to ica_esc_helpdesk@ica.gov.sg.
  • Family Ties Scheme
    • Singaporeans sponsoring their spouses and children for Singapore Citizenship. 
  • Economic Scheme
    • Applicants applying based on their own merits, aged 21 and above. 

Once the application has been finalised, you or your local representative will be required to bring along the applicant’s original Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (and other required documents) to the ICA for verification. Alternatively, the applicant may wish to approach the Embassy to endorse and certify copies of the required documents.
If the applicant does not have a local contact person, the application can be submitted through the nearest Singapore Embassy.

For further enquries on citizenship application, please contact www.ica.gov.sg

Application at the Embassy


There are three categories of applicants for Singapore Citizenship applicants:


  1. Adults who are Singapore Permanent Residents and who meet the required criteria for Singapore Citizenship

  2. * Minors applying for Singapore Citizenship by descent [Article 122(1)]

  3. Minors applying for Singapore Citizenship under other circumstances/Articles

Please click here for detailed information on the criteria and the application forms for Singapore Citizenship. The forms are also available at the Embassy.


* Important Notes


  1. If a child is born in Japan and either parent is a Singapore citizen by descent or registration, the parents may submit an application for Singapore Citizenship for the child to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo.

  2. The application has to be submitted by the parents before the child's first birthday. A letter of explanation and additional documents are required for late submissions. The parents must be legally married at the time of the child's birth.

  3. The citizenship status of your child should be treated as an important matter. If in doubt, parents should seek advice from ICA before the citizenship application.

  4. A child aged 15 years and below will be required to obtain his or her own passport. The parents need to first apply for Singapore Citizenship for their child at either the ICA or Embassy, if the child is not yet a Singapore citizen. Upon the approval of the application, the child will be formally registered as a Singapore citizen. Only then will the child be eligible for a Singapore Passport.

  5. Under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens are liable for National Service (NS) unless exempted.




Application for citizenship and issuance of a citizenship certificate


Application for citizenship


Yen 8,400**

Citizenship certificate


Yen 5,900**


Application for Singapore Passport



JPY 6,700

 ** For overseas new born whose biological parent is a Singapore Citizen and the child's parents are legally married at the time of the birth of the child, the fee payable will be 

JPY 1,600 after waiver.


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The Embassy is closed on weekends, public holidays in Japan and Singapore National Day on 9 Aug.

List of Embassy holidays in 2018 

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