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Citizenship Application for Child of Singaporean

The Consulate-General accepts Singapore Citizenship application, on behalf of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), for Singapore Citizens whose children are born outside Singapore within one year from the date of birth of the child. At the same time, these children may also submit the application for their first Singapore Passport.

If you are applying Singapore Citizenship for your male child, please note that under the Enlistment Act, all male Singapore Citizens by birth or registration and Permanent Residents (PR) are liable for National Service (NS) when they reach the age of 16½ years. They are required to serve 2 years of full-time NS and up to 40 days of NS every year until the age of 50 for officers or 40 for the others.

Young Singaporeans who are accompanying their parents on overseas ventures must also discharge their NS obligations even if they have lived and studied away from Singapore for a period of time. This is regardless of whether they have taken up another citizenship. More information on NS requirements can be found in the MINDEF Homepage at

Documents required

Fee (as of 1 Jan 17)

For overseas born child where one of the biological parent is Singapore Citizen and the child's parents are legally married at the time of the child's birth:

  • HKD 105 for the issuance of the citizenship certificate, no processing fee is required.

For all other overseas born minors:

  • HKD 580 for processing of citizenship application; and
  • HKD 406 for the issuane of the citizenship certificate

Processing Time

The application with all the required documents will be sent to Singapore for processing which will take at least 3 months.  However, some cases may take a longer time to complete.  You will be informed once the outcome is known.


Important Note

  1. The Singapore citizenship application form must be duly completed. All information contained in application form must be complete, accurate and verifiable. False particulars/concealment of material facts will render you liable to disqualification for citizenship application or prosecution in court.

  2. The declaration portion on application form has to be appropriately deleted and declared by the applicant before the Commissioner for Oaths/Justice of Peace/Notary Public who will officially endorsed and sealed the application form. Such declaration can be made at the Consulate.


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