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Application for Permanent Residency

Foreigners married to Singapore Citizens, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in Singapore.

Immediate Family Scheme


Spouses of Singapore Citizens/permanent Residents may apply for permanent Residence under this scheme. Applicants should go to the www.ica.gov.sg to obtain forms and additional information. Please be advised that spouses of Singapore Citizens must use Forms 4A and fill it in where applicable.


  1. Scheme for Professional/Technical Personnel/Skilled Workers.

    Under Scheme A, the applicant has to be working in Singapore on an Employment Pass. The applicant should generally hold acceptable tertiary/professional qualifications or earn a basic monthly salary of more than S$2,000/-.

    You can obtain a PR application form (IMM 4 or 4A) from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Homepage.

  3. Scheme for Entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs who have a good track record and who are interested to invest in Singapore may apply for PR under Scheme B. The applicant must deposit at least S$1.5 million with the Government. For further details of this Scheme, please liaise with the Singapore Economic Development Board at:

    Immigration Facilitation Unit
    Singapore Economic Development Board
    250 North Bridge Road
    Raffles City Tower #24-00
    Singapore 179101
    Tel: (65) 6336 2288
    Fax: (65) 6339 6077

    Alternatively, you could visit the Singapore Economic Board Website at http://www.sedb.com/ to find out more details regarding the above

PR Grant Policy Review



PR application is assessed using a Points System. Points will be allocated on the basis of the following factors:


  1. Type of work pass
  2. Duration of stay in Singapore
  3. Academic qualification
  4. Basic monthly salary
  5. Age
  6. Kinship ties in Singapore

For more details on PR, please visit the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Homepage.


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