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Application for Singapore Citizenship

Citizenship by Descent

An overseas-born minor (child) may be eligible for Singapore Citizenship by Descent under Article 122(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, where at least one parent is Singapore citizen.The application has to be submitted within one year of the child's birth. Otherwise, a letter of explanation and additional documents are required for late submission.All applicants for citizenship must be of good character, have satisfied the residential requirement and have the intention to reside permanently in Singapore. They must also be able to support themselves and their dependents financially.

Application for citizenship by descent can be submitted to the High Commission, or in person at the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Documents Required

Complete Citizenship application form (SCRM) together with the following documents:

  • One recent passport-sized colour photograph of child taken against plain white background with a matt or semi-matt;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate of child/passport or other travel document;
  • Copy of parents Singapore Identity Card/ Passport/ Birth Certificate or Singapore Citizenship Certificate;
  • Marriage Certificate. If parents’ marriage was registered outside Singapore, child’s father is required to make a Statutory Declaration stating that (name of wife) is his one and only wife if he is the applicant for child’s citizenship  application;
  • Death Certificate/Divorce Certificate/Separation Deed/Custody document of child/children by previous spouses, if applicable. Letter of consent from ex-spouse if child is under joint-custody;
  • Letter of Employment from parents' employment with details on occupation and salary;
  • Particulars of child's other siblings, Singapore Birth Certificate or Singapore Citizenship Certificate (if any);
  • Copies of both parents' Educational Certificate;
  • An A4 size self-addressed envelope with registered or security to ensure the safe return of your document. Please speak to Australian Post or a courier company to arrange safe transport. The Singapore High Commission is not liable or bear any responsibilities for the loss of any travel documents (including passports) and identification papers (including ID, birth certificates, married certificates, contract, etc) sent by mail or courier;
  • You may also be required to furnish additional documents whenever necessary.

Please note that the application form should be affirmed before a Consular Officer of Singapore/ duly notorized before a Notary Public or Justice of Peace with his/her official seal / stamp affixed. All supporting document must be certified true copies before submission to the High Commission.

You might also wish to submit an Application for a Singapore International Passport for your child at the same time. Click here to find out the application procedures.


To confirm the fee for citizenship application, please contact the High Commission at CitizenService_CBR@mfa or 02 6271 2000.

Once the fee is confirmed, please attach payment in Australian Dollars (AUD), to the application, in the form of Australian Money Order or Bank Cheque in favour of the “Singapore High Commission Canberra”.

Processing Time

3 - 6 months. Some cases may take longer time to complete.

All other citizenship application please submits directly to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at Counter 7 or 8 of the Citizen Services Centre.


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