Embassy of the Republic of Singapore - Abu Dhabi

Travelling to Abu Dhabi

Before travelling to Abu Dhabi, Singaporeans are advised to register online with Singapore's MFA at www.mfa.gov.sg. This registration is necessary because in the event of any emergency, you or your next-of-kin are contactable either by MFA, the Singapore Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Singapore Consulate-General in Dubai.  Also ensure that you take up adequate travel insurance before your departure date.


Those Singaporeans travelling to Abu Dhabi, do not need to obtain a visa prior to their travel . Upon arrival in  Abu Dhabi, a free entry permit will be endorsed on the passport, valid for 30 days. An extension of an additional 30 days can be obtained at Abu Dhabi Immigration at a fee of AED 500.00. Singaporeans are also exempt from the refundable deposit and health insurance rules. When you pass through immigration, please check your passport to ensure that the correct date had been endorsed. The same would apply when you depart the country.


If you need to bring medication into Abu Dhabi, please be aware that the medication may be on the controlled list and if the proper documentation is not obtained, the medication will be seized at the point of entry and or you may be prosecuted under local laws. The Embassy therefore recommends that you contact the Drug Control Department of the Ministry of Health a - e-mail: ah.osman@moh.gov.uae, fax: +971 2 631 3742,   tel nos:+971 2 611 7505 or  +971 2 611 7389 for information and clarification.

The MOH website at http://www.moh.gov.ae/en/Pages/default.aspx also provides information on the importation of controlled substance into the country. Under the FAQs section, it states that:

"Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months supply of a prescription item can be brought in to the country by a visitor and 12-month supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor's letter or a copy of the original prescripton. Narcotic items should not be brought into the country but only with  prior permission from the Director of Medicine and Pharmacy control who will assess the individual case. The guidelines relate to medicines brought by an individual, through an airport or border crossing and medicines arriving by post."

Liquor License

If you have a UAE residence permit, according to the law,  you can only purchase alcohol provided you have obtained a liquor license from the relevant authority. The relevant authority in this instance is the Khalifa City Police Station and its contact information is:

Khalifa City Police Station
General Directorate of Criminal Investigation
Hotels Security Branch
Abu Dhabi
Tel: 02-5088888 / 025088817
Operating hours are from Sunday to Thursday, 8.00a.m. to 1.00p.m.


Please remember the following guidelines when obtaining a liquor license.

  • Only non-Muslims can apply for a liquor license and the applicant's salary must not be less than AED 2,500.00 per month
  • One requires a statutory declaration from the Singapore Embassy stating that he/she is not a Muslim  which has to be submitted together with the application for the liquor license.
  • Do not drink and drive and do not get drunk in a public place or be in a public place after consuming alcohol.
  • Always ensure that the alcohol vendor endorses on the liquor license the value of alcohol purchased.

Conversion of Singapore Driving Licence

Singaporeans who want to convert their Driving Licence will have to go to the Traffic and Licensing Department of Abu Dhabi with the following documents at the following location: http://www.2abudhabi.com/abu-dhabi-driving-license.html


a) Original Singapore passport

b) Original Singapore driving licence

c) Translation of the Singapore driving licence into Arabic (This is to be done in an authorised translation/typing centre)

d) A “No objection” letter from the sponsor/employer

e) Original Emirates ID  (If the Emirates ID is not ready, bring along the receipt of the Emirates ID application)

f) Administrative fee

g) 3 photographs


-         For more information,  please visit the attached link : https://www.adpolice.gov.ae/en/our.services/traffic.services.aspx


Embassy of the Republic of Singapore
Villa No. 642/2
Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street 30/Street 3 (opposite Gulf Diagnostic Centre)
P.O.Box 112148, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

+971 2 222 2083

+971 2 681 9666


Operational Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
0800 hrs - 1530 hrs (8.00 am to 3.30 pm)
(The Embassy is closed on Fridays, Saturdays and on Public Holidays)

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