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January 05, 2007

MFA Spokesman’s Comments on the Call on Foreign Minister George Yeo by Egyptian Minister Of State For Administrative Development Dr Ahmed Darwish

In response to media queries on the call on Foreign Minister George Yeo by Egyptian Minister of State for Administrative Development Dr Ahmed Darwish, the MFA spokesman said:

"Foreign Minister Yeo warmly welcomed Minister Darwish to Singapore as the inaugural visitor under the Middle East Eminent Persons programme. Minister Yeo noted that Singapore and Egypt have longstanding and warm relations. Minister Darwish updated Minister Yeo on the serious efforts undertaken by the Egyptian cabinet under Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif to restructure the bureaucracy, improve public services and lower barriers for foreign investment. He expressed the hope that Singapore companies would use Egypt as the gateway to Africa and the Middle East. They also discussed developments in the region."

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5 JANUARY 2007