North Africa (Maghreb)

Singapore's relations with the countries in the Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) have grown steadily since 2005, driven by several high-level visits, which fostered closer political and economic cooperation. Despite the political changes brought about by the Arab Spring, Singapore continues to engage the countries in the Maghreb, and look for ways to deepen bilateral cooperation.


Singapore's diplomatic presence in the Maghreb has increased over the past decade.  Currently, Singapore has accredited Non-Resident Ambassadors to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia while our Ambassador in Cairo is concurrently accredited to Libya.  The Ambassadors of Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia  in Jakarta are concurrently accredited to Singapore.


His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco made a State Visit to Singapore in 2005, while then-Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong visited Algeria and Tunisia in 2006, Morocco in 2007 and Libya in 2008 and 2009.


Singapore is working with the Maghreb countries on ways to encourage greater trade and investment opportunities.  In mid-2014, the Singapore Business Federation organised business forums to highlight to the local business community the opportunities in Tunisia and Morocco,  respectively.  

Singapore has actively shared our developmental experience with the Maghreb countries. Approximately 340 officials from the Maghreb have participated in various courses under the Singapore Cooperation Programme.

Last updated: October 2016