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Travel Notice for Bangladesh [Updated:26 October 2017]

While the situation in Bangladesh is generally stable, there have been sporadic terrorist incidents in the country.  Singaporeans travelling to or already in Bangladesh are strongly advised to take all necessary precautions for their personal safety, including monitoring the news closely and heeding the instructions of the local authorities.  Singaporeans should remain vigilant and where possible, avoid public gatherings, crowded places and locations popular with foreigners.  Singaporeans should also purchase comprehensive travel insurance and be familiar with the terms and coverage.

Singaporeans are strongly encouraged to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at so that we can contact you should the need arise.  Singaporeans are also advised to stay in touch with your family and friends so that they know you are safe.  Singaporeans in need of urgent consular assistance may contact the Singapore Consulate in Dhaka or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24 hours) at:

 Consulate of the Republic of Singapore in Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Ventura Avenue
(5th floor), 8/B Gulshan Avenue
Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sharak,
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Tel: +880-2-988 0404

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hours)
Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Tel: +65 6379 8800/ 8855